Nollywood Legend Whose Children Are Also Good Actors And Actresses [PHOTOS]

Nollywood Legend Whose Children Are Also Good Actors And Actresses [PHOTOS]

Parents feel overjoyed when their children take after them and become successful. You should be glad when your child loves to get involved in your activities. This is because they watch and admire you.

Nollywood is made up of confident and talented people. Some of them have introduced their children into acting and they did not disappoint. They took up their roles, acted well and became stars just like their parents.

Nollywood Stars Whose Children Are Also Good Actors And Actresses [PHOTOS]

Below are Nollywood stars whose children became actors and actresses;

 Babajide Kosoko

1. Babajide Kosoko

Babajide Kosoko is a proficient Nigerian actor. He has two beautiful daughters who are actresses. Babajide’s daughters are identified as, Bidemi Kosoko and Sola Kosoko Abina. Babajide and his daughters are gifted with the ability to act.

Babajide Kosoko

Photos of Bidemi Kosoko;

Bidemi Kosoko

Photos of Sola Kosoko Abina;

Sola Kosoko Abina

2. Rita Daniels

Rita Daniels has a beautiful daughter identified as Regina Daniels. Her daughter is a young lady who started acting as a child. She groomed her into becoming a successful actress and independent woman.

Rita Daniels

Photos of Regina Daniels;

Regina Daniels

3. Pete Edochie

The Nollywood icon, Pete Edochie, has a talented son whose name is, Yul Edochie. Yul is excellent when it comes to acting. He is a great actor just like his father.

Pete Edochie

Photos Of Yul Edochie;


4. Oby Onuigbo

Oby Onuigbo is a beautiful Nollywood actress. She has a lovely daughter, identified as, Adaeze Onuigbo who is a child actress. Her daughter is very brainy and outspoken. Adaeze is following her mother’s footsteps.

Oby Onuigbo

Photos of Adaeze Onyigbo;

Adaeze Onyigbo

Oby Onuigbo and Adaeze Onyigbo

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