I still need money, Veteran Actor, Fadeyi Oloro begs Nigerians

I still need money, Veteran Actor, Fadeyi Oloro begs Nigerians

I still need money, Veteran Actor, Fadeyi Oloro begs Nigerians

Veteran actor, Ojo Arowosafe, aka Fadeyi Oloro, is once again calling on Nigerians to help him financially in order to take care of his health.

The ailing actor told Sunday Scoop, “Nigerians should help me. Everything needed for me to be in a healthy state requires money.

“I am getting better with the support of people, but I have not fully recovered. That is why I am pleading with Nigerians across all walks of life who I have impacted in one way or the other to help me.”

Fadeyi also noted that though he has not got enough help, he will not cast aspersions on associations in the industry. He said, “Everyone has different things they are battling with. I don’t want it to seem like I am insulting members of our association of actors.

Though I did not get the kind of support I would have wanted, some individuals called me to greet me once in a while. I don’t blame them because they are going through different things.”

Fadeyi maintained that the nature of his illness is still not known. He said, “I really don’t know the nature of the illness.

“However, I intend going for a ‘general test’, so they can ascertain the drugs to give me, instead of just giving me any kind of drugs. If people see me now, they will pity me. I am supposed to go to a hospital in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, but there is no money.”

On the amount needed to cover his health bills, the actor, who often acts as a native doctor, said, “I don’t know how much will be needed at the hospital, so I don’t want to give an exact figure. I don’t want people to think I am fraudulent.”

I still need money, Veteran Actor, Fadeyi Oloro begs Nigerians


  • Humm, such is life, this is a man we all love during his days, but my concerns are, why are all this people go in pain once they retired from active acting, other actors should learn from what’s happening now, and they should form a society within themselves to Carter for the old retired among themselves, may God almighty help and heal baba oloro, fafeyi.

  • So sorry to put it this way sir, you don’t seem serious about this. You’ve bn on this sickness for quite and demanded for financial aids from people, are you saying up till now you never b to the hospital to get the nature of your ill health?
    Asking for help when you don’t even know what exactly is wrong with you is absurd.

  • I plead with and your people, please bring him to Ibadan on Sunday morning early before 8am to Liberty Stadium to Jesus Christ at Faith and Miracle international church, he go back home healed. Come believing God and you will see the raw power of God at work and strange ailments will become history.

  • His co-nollywood colleagues are there watching him wallow in pain. According to his statement, he has not got enough kindness and supports from them. Only God and them know the reasons. Let someone set up a birthday party, they will forget they have respective problems too and start donating funds to the celebrant that already has more than enough money.
    What a wicked world!

  • Audio well wishers, Internet supporters.
    Don’t come here to type nonsense, ask for his account and transfer money.
    Don’t wait till he dies, and now be typing RIP!!! 5k-20k from you won’t kill you.
    Stop rushing to your keyboards to pray, it’s by paying not praying, audio well wishers!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t know what wrong with Nigerians, fadeyi needed a help nobody comes to his aid, are we waiting until he became a decease. Why are we so belong to wasted generation? We are not humane towards the person that putting smile on our face and happiness to our mind.
    The professional body of theater practional in Nigeria should have been in position to soliciting for financial assistance for their colleague but they failed to perform their responsibility.
    If iyabo ojo and others wanted to celibrate a neckedness birthday they respond with huge amount of money.
    This is a life of human being, pls let’s come to his aid.

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