Actor Tajudeen Akanmu Net Worth 2022, Age, Biography and Career

Actor Tajudeen Akanmu Net Worth 2022, Age, Biography and Career

Actor Tajudeen Akanmu Net Worth 2022, Age, Biography and Career

  • Let us discuss Tajudeen Akanmu’s Biography in terms of his Age, Career, Education, Early Life, Family, Movies And Net Worth and much more.

Famous comic Nigerian actor Tajudeen Akanmu known as Koledowo born in 1954 (54years) died on May 2008 at his residence in osogbo (Ita-Olokan) state Nigeria.

Koledowo became famous after he played some major roles on Ajileye films such as Koto Aye, Koto Orun, Eran Iya Osogbo, and others.

His death came very surprising,the actor slummed and died in his residence in osogbo state, it was recorded that the incident took place in May 2008, but the exact date wasn’t clarify.

In this article, I will discuss Tajudeen Akanmu’s biography, career, age, place of birth, net worth, Movies, and given name. Let’s start with his profile.

Tajudeen akanmu biography
Tajudeen Akanmu Biography, Tajudeen Akanmu Biography
Full Name: Tajudeen Akanmu
Stage Name Koledowo
Date of Birth: 1954
Death Date May, 2008
Place of Birth:: Osogbo
State of Origin: Osun State
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Actor
Net Worth: N/A
Wife/Spouse: Iyabo Oko (Kudirat Odukanmi Oluyemi)
Source Kiwide
Tajudeen Akanmu Biography, Tajudeen Akanmu Biography

Tajudeen Akanmu Biography

Tajudeen akanmu biography 1
Tajudeen Akanmu Biography, Tajudeen Akanmu Biography

Popular comic Tajudeen Akanmu, better known as Koledowo, a 54-year-old Nigerian actor, passed away in May 2008 at his home in the Nigerian state of Osogbo (Ita-Olokan).

Koledowo rose to fame after taking on significant roles in Ajileye movies like Koto Aye, Koto Orun, Eran Iya Osogbo, and others.

His passing came as a complete shock. The actor was found dead in his Osogbo State home after a reported incident in May 2008, though the precise date was unclear.

Tajudeen Akanmu Early Life

Tajudeen akanmu biography 2
Tajudeen Akanmu Biography, Tajudeen Akanmu Biography

The comic Nigerian comedian who rule the early 90s was birth in 1954. The approximation stated that he was 54-years of age when he died, in total calculation, from 1954 to 2008 gives the rate number of 54, meaning Koledowo died at the Age of 54-years in Osogbo.

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Tajudeen Akanmu Personal Life

Tajudeen akanmu biography 3
Tajudeen Akanmu Biography, Tajudeen Akanmu Biography

Kolewodo is a very funny comedian who rose to fame in early 90’s when he was featured in Koto Orun,a popular Yoruba drama by the Ajileye theatre group.

He was rated one of the favourite and most funniest comedian as those days, he live between 1954 when he born to 2008 when he died at the age of 54-years in Osogbo at his family compound in (Ita-Olokan).

The identity of the mentioned above have not been uncovered, we are still searching to get the real information and confirmation before posting.

The only child from him we can give account is Oduola Olamide who is said to be his daughter birth by popular Nigerian actress Iyabo Oko (Kudirat Odukanmi Oluyemi).

Tajudeen Akanmu History

EARLY LIFE of Popular Yoruba comedian and fuji maestro, Tajudeen Akanmu Koledowo

Tajudeen akanmu biography 4
Tajudeen Akanmu Biography, Tajudeen Akanmu Biography

Tajudeen Akanmu popularly known as KOLEDOWO’ was born on 1954 to the Aiege family of Osogbo at Itaolokan, Osogbo. A close relative revealed that Tajudeen Akanmu can read and write but we could not ascertain the names of primary and secondary schools he attended. A close relative stated that Akanmu alias Koledowo grew up as a child who loved to make people laugh with jokes and songs.

How Tajudeen Akanmu alias Koledowo rose to fame

Tajudeen Akanmu alias Koledowo was a top notch Yoruba comedian who struggled to rose to fame in early 90s. A check revealed that there was no Yoruba artiste who rose to fame in early 90s in Osogbo without the contribution of late Alhaji Yekini Ajileye, a filmmaker and versatile script writer.

Koledowo was also a beneficiary of Ajileye’s outstanding talent and became well known across the Yoruba states after he featured in Koto Orun, a popular Yoruba film produced by late Alhaji Yekini Ajileye.

Koledowo was not just a comedian but a talented Fuji artiste. His musical talent took him to Lagos state where he performed at ceremonies mostly carnivals but later came back to his hometown, Osogbo and cited the expensive life of Lagos as an excuse. A group of commercial drivers took him to Osohodi in Lagos where he spent months, moving from one stage to another while displaying his artistic values.

He continued his acting and musical career in Osogbo and was widely known across the nooks and crannies of Osun state and beyond. But he is famously known for his comic acts in movies and most people including fans know and prefer him as a comic actor than being a fuji artiste.

Koledowo’s wives and his love affair with popular Yoruba actress, Iyabo Oko

Being a naturally jovial and talented person, Tajudeen Akanmu alias Koledowo was a toast of all women. Findings by WITHIN NIGERIA revealed that Tajudeen Akanmu alias Koledowo married three wives in his lifetime.

His second wife is a trader who has a shop at the popular Oja-Oba market, the first wife deals with Kampala designs and wears in Osogbo while the third wife is a popular Nollywood actress identified as Odukanmi Kudirat Oluyemi better known as Iyabo Oko. These are the wives the popular Yoruba comedian and fuji artiste, ‘Koledowo’ publicly identified with and can be easily traced.

A close friend and colleague told this reporter that the relationship between the late comic actor, Koledowo and Nollywood actress, Iyabo Oko started on a secret note before it now advanced to open relationship.

The day Koledowo told us that he was dating Iyabo-Oko at a location set, we were all surprised. Iyabo Oko was a very beautiful woman with nice shape then. She was a toast of all and how Koledowo ended up being her lover marvelled us, as stated.

A check by this reporter revealed that the close relationship was not in vain. Popular Nollywood actress, Iyabo Oko gave birth to a beautiful daughter identified as Oduola Olamide during their courtship. The girl-child now an adult shares same intimidating physical traits with Koledowo. Other wives also gave birth to children (males and females) in which one of them is now a fuji artiste and has also featured in some local movies too.

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How Popular Yoruba comedian, Babasuwe duped late Koledowo the sum of N300

A reliable source told WITHIN NIGERIA that some years ago when late Babatunde Omidina was very famous, Koledowo invited him to his location set. The late Adimeru charged him the sum of N150 and also demanded for transportation fee. They started the film project but they did not see late Babasuwe.

“The only means of communication then was landphone. Koledowo went to where he could access landphone and reportedly got in touch with Babasuwe”, he added.

According to the source, Babasuwe requested for another payment and Koledowo sent another N150 to him. Despite the fresh payment, Babasuwe did not show up at the movie set.

“Some years later, late Tajudeen Akanmu alias Koledowo now became a star and late Babasuwe needed him to feature in his movie titled ‘Omo lasan’. Babasuwe called Koledowo and invited him to feature in the movie but Babawsuwe was afraid to give him money. Koledowo travelled to Lagos and arrived at the location set before the commencement of the movie, the source narrated.

How Popular Yoruba comedian and fuji artiste, Koledowo died in a rented apartment

Tajudeen Akanmu popularly known as Koledowo died in 2008. The ace comedian died at the age of 52 in a rented apartment and he was buried in his family house situated in Itaolokan, Osogbo. A close relative told WITHIN NIGERIA that Tajudeen Akanmu alias Koledowo died after stooling for days.

A reliable source who spoke confirmed that the ace comedian purged for days before his last breathe. The source also disclosed that Koledowo was a ‘heavy weed smoker’ when he was alive. Other sources confirmed that he was truly one when consulted.

‘I advised him to go and do test at the teaching hospital but he ignored my advice. He said he was recovering and have taken herbal drugs. Infact, we both went out to eat pepper soup at our regular joint. So when I heard that he died the following day, I did not believe until I saw his corpse’, the reliable source stated.

According to the source, he was buried in his father’s house because he had no house and was living in a rented apartment until his demise.

Tajudeen Akanmu Death

The movie legend died in May 2008, from a little brief illness which started in the morning leading him to vomiting and later on he died.

He was buried that same day according to Muslim right and believe. It’s over 13 year’s now the movie legend died.

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